The Unspoken Truth

The Da Vinci Code spoke about a truth that was only metaphorically revealed out of fear of retribution. The truth in today’s age is no different. The missing link clearly is the strength of unity. Not only unity, but a united front that is channelised in the right direction in a balanced manner is what is quintessential. If its voice is to reach receptive ears, we need to build an institution that creates faith among the youth by successful initiatives.

The national economic statistics of 1950 versus 2008 suggest fantastic progress amongst the youth but these could have been vastly better. It is the proverbial half full, half empty cup.The lead indicator for a nation’s future is the mindset of its young people, especially in India where 55% of the population is under 25.

Indian youth have a huge amount of dissatisfaction, hopefully a divine discontent, and they can change things around. They have three strengths: first, persistence, second, innovation, and third, happiness. These are distinctive and are rooted in our history and genes.

Living in India is like running an obstacle race. One is overcoming obstacles, every day and all the time – poor schools, crowded cities, corrupt officials , unhelpful agents of governance. Indians have the freedom of democracy but not the liberty that is supposed to accompany democracy. Only when common people can get ordinary, day-to-day things done without a hassle can we say that Indians have the liberty of democracy. “In India, democracy is flourishing, liberty is not,” to borrow from Fareed Zakaria’s comment (The Future of Freedom ). Therefore, this strong need for my project. I would like to conclude with JRD Tata’s words, “I do not want India to be an economic super-power . I want India to be happy.”